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Understanding Your Newborn in the “4th Trimester:” Soothing, Settling, & Centering         A workshop for expecting parents in the last trimester and parents with newborns up to 5 weeks old.

Participants will learn:

  • To understand their baby’s non verbal communication
  • Newborn sleep behaviors and how to establish sleep rituals
  • Newborn signs of overstimulation
  • Techniques for soothing and settling
  • Typical crying patterns
  • How to talk to your baby and why this is important
  • Essential Tummy Time basics
  • How to tell when your baby is ready to be active, needs to rest, or needs to “re boot” himself.
  • How to play with your new baby to enhance brain development and physical development
  • You will also gain tools for successful parenting in this workshop.

 Infant Massage Workshops                                         Private playshops and classes available can be arranged as well.  Call 718-643-6064






This workshop will:

  • Develop deeper bonding and attachment

  • Nurture body and mind development through touch

  • Teach techniques to help soothe and calm baby

  • Teach ways to nurture nervous system regulation

  • Create useful sleep rituals using massage

  • Teach techniques to address congestion, colic, and digestive issues

  • Explore ways to help feel centered, grounded, & relaxed amidst new parenting

This workshop is great for FATHERS to learn ways to be with baby and engage in meaningful activities as well as new MOTHERS. Grandparents are welcome too!

The Infant Massage Workshop changed my life!

Initially  I was resolved that my infant’s reflux symptoms could not be helped, so I didn’t have big expectations for the massage techniques, but boy was I wrong.

At 8 weeks my child was diagnosed with the worst GERD her Doctor had ever seen.  She stopped gaining weight for 3 weeks and the solution was 5 doses of antacid medication daily and rice cereal in her breastmilk in order for her to eat and sleep.  Even with the medication her discomfort inevitably resulted in screaming and arching of the back and limbs in the evening hours. By 4 months she was still crying inconsolably for up to 3 hours every night before bed.  My instinct was to hold her close and attempt to comfort her during these times with rocking, shushing, singing, dancing, – anything!
The night after the massage workshop, I put her down in front of me, continued to shush, and added sweeping and massaging motions to her limbs that were now like twisted tree roots of tension.  She stopped mid cry and with a tomato-red face, paused and smiled!  I was in such shock! Now the massage techniques are part of her nightly bedtime routine as a mini massage session at the changing table and again as soothing if she starts to cry.  Instead of 3 hours of crying before bed, we are down to 5-10 minutes.  Now that my own body isn’t in a knot of tension from the stress of listening to her cry in pain, I realize just how much stress it was causing me.  She and I are 100 times happier and healthier.
Whether your child suffers from reflux or not, you will be thrilled at the instant bonding provided by these massage techniques. “

– Jessica from Brooklyn, NY



Professional Training: Infant Developmental Movement
& Yoga for Babies : Foundations and Primary Practice     

upcoming trainings

2017  June 9,10,11 in NYC at Karma Kids Yoga   click here to register 

   May 25-28  in Prague, CZ at Druna Tableland for Dance & Meditation                              

 November 16- 19  Yogaville Ashram Buckingham, Virginia


This training will benefit professionals working in the fields of infant health, occupational therapy, physical therapy, dance/movement therapy, yoga, somatic therapy, craniosacral therapy, somatic psychology, birth psychology, early intervention, pediatrics, post partum doula, & baby nursing to name a few.

The Level I training focuses on work with babies from birth to creeping with an emphasis on tummy time and infant anatomical development. Level 2 examines mobile babies from creeping, to finding their feet on the ground, through crawling  sitting, pushing up, to stand, & walking. We will consider fetal and birth imprints in our training and how to accommodate these.

  • Gain experiential knowledge of infant developmental movement patterns
  • Correlate developmental movement with yoga poses
  • Learn considerations of infant anatomical structures
  • Develop ways to support essential bonding & attachment relationships between caregivers & babies
  • Learn basic principles of pre and perinatal psychology and health
  • Learn observation skills
  • Learn how the senses are key to movement and learning
  • Learn & create developmentally appropriate activities for incorporating this work into your own professional practice.

We will have daily practice of developmental movement using ideokinesis, games, & observation. There will be daily theoretical presentations and discussions, & guest babies for a sample class and observations. All participants will receive a teaching manual and dvd

Participants are encouraged to  hold an advanced degree in a relevant profession or work directly with infants or children, however this work can easily be applied to those working with special needs, toddlers. children, teens, and adults as it is foundational.

* Pregnant participants are welcome but will need to modify the experiential activities.


What Graduates are Saying:

GoGo Babies ™ Infant Movement and Yoga Training was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I truly loved not only Ellynne as a teacher, but also learning from all of the ‘students’ and their many varied experiences working with infants and young children.  It was a collaborative learning experience. As a pediatric occupational therapist I learned about infant and child development, in both typical and atypical patterns, but this course really turned my brain on in ways I had never even thought of (i.e. how we are all born with a birth imprint and how this can affect our overall development physically, emotionally, and cognitively).  It was an eye opening experience and one I thoroughly enjoyed….the weekend went by so fast because it was such a great learning environment and fun…I almost didn’t want it to end! I recommend this course to anyone working with infants and young children.  A great adjunct to early intervention practitioners!  Kaili, OTR,L

As a physician and new mother I cannot speak more highly about the GoGoBabies™ classes and the skill and expertise of Ellynne Skove.  Her classes bring together fundamental understandings of neurobiology and development as well as integrating principles from yoga, dance, song, and bodywork.  The result is an enjoyable and engaging class experience that fosters connection and support.   Ellynne Skove is a masterful group facilitator who weaves her years of experience as a mother and movement and developmental expert into everything she does.  She is attuned to the needs of her participants and intuitive in her unique approach to the maternal experiences in the ‘4th trimester’.  I feel so fortunate to have shared these classes with my son and taken the time to cultivate his individuality, together.   Debra H, MD, Canada

Over the years I have been lucky enough to participate in quite a few trainings on the subject of movement and infant development.  When I heard about the GoGo Babies Training, I immediately knew I had to take it.  The information I learned during Ellynne’s course has made me not only a better baby yoga teacher, but it now also allows me to be a more informed resource of support for the mothers I work with each and every day.  The course strikes a perfect balance of providing crucial information regarding infant developmental movement, hands on experience in actual classes, as well as time to collaborate with other trainees to put the information into practice.  I will always be grateful to Ellynne for her guidance and support, not only during the training weekend, but also in the months and years thereafter.~Jen Schiffer, Sr. Trainer and Instructor, Karma Kids yoga

Ellynne’s GoGo Babies training was inspiring, educational and fun! Most trainings are lectures but not this one! It was hands on, student guided and experiential. It was exactly what I was looking for. I can’t wait to take another training from Ellynne! Don’t walk, run and take this training! – Maria H  Early Childhood Dance Educator 

This training was exquisite. It was very inspiring and immensely rich.As a body worker and SE practitioner I gained many important insights into the topic of pre and prenatal development which hugely influenced my practice not only with babies but also with adults. I very much appreciate Ellynne´s practical approach giving everyone easy to apply tools and skills which might have seem simple but are very on the spot to bring the appropriate support for babies and adults alike. And most important, Ellynne can bring together work with precise intention and fun – which is so important for well-being of us all.   Filip Z – SE practitioner, Craniosacral therapist, Czech Republic

The GoGo Babies training was informative, inspirational and very special. Ellynne is a brilliant teacher who integrates many forms of knowledge in order to develop effective techniques to assist and support babies and caregivers. Participating in this training provided me with an essential foundation for teaching yoga to babies. I am very grateful to Ellynne for sharing her depth of knowledge and experience.  Shaina H. Children’s Yoga Instructor