My favorite movement class for babies

Whenever I do one of my “Expectant Parents Guide to Brooklyn” talks, the expectant parents inevitably want to know: “How do I meet other parents?” It’s a great question.

My answer goes something like this:

Find a mom or dad’s group for your neighborhood by joining your neighborhood Yahoo Group
Take a class- a good class.
And then I say, “my absolute favorite class for movement is GoGo Babies.” And then there’s some mad scribbling.

“GoGo Babies?”

” Yes.”

You know, it’s kindof hard for some of us at the beginning. You wonder: why is my baby making those noises? And crying, snorting, bucking?! Never mind that your life has been turned upside down and somehow you can never find the time to take a shower or eat properly. But, that all seems manageable and accepted in the GoGo Babies classroom. You feel supported and understood in whatever stage or phase you and your baby are.

GoGo Babies is the loveliest class where you connect to your child in a really heartfelt and meaningful way. It’s a class that has this special aura about it. You walk in and the room feels protected and peaceful. Reflection and observation are encouraged while you gently interact with your baby through cool activities. After GoGo Babies, I became more aware of how to understand and touch my baby…and relate to this new thing in my life.

That’s in no small part to the inventor and instructor of GoGo Babies: Ellynne Skove. She guides the class with a gentle structure that also accomodates parents’ and babies’ individual needs. Ellynne, who has more letters behind her name that should be legally allowed, (MA, LCAT, DTR-BC, NCC, RPP), is a licensed Movement therapist, yoga teacher, counselor and Polarity therapist. She’s a pretty amazing resource to have in your pocket when it comes to anything from discussing your child’s development to your own needs. (Disclosure: After my GoGo Babies Class, I decided to see her for Polarity therapy- and still do- which is why I say, she’s a good one to know for everything!)

Ellynne Skove working with one baby on tummy time
So, what exactly do you do in the class? You blow bubbles, roll multiple balls back and forth, do baby yoga, experiment with fun props and just breathe with your baby. In short, you gain knowledge and confidence while boding with your baby.

A little massage and helping the baby find his fingers and toes