Moving from the Inside Out

Aligning Heaven & Earth with the Five Elements & Developmental Movement

an organic movement experience for body, mind & soul

“The spine is what connects us between Heaven & Earth.” – Martha Graham

Taught by Ellynne Skove, MA, LCAT, DMT-BC, RPP, NCC
April 18 Druna Center Prague Czech Republic for more information

Using kinesthetic imagery and gently guided encouragement, we will explore the sacred architecture of the human body, developmental movement patterns, and the support of the five elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth. We will explore the push, pull, & reach patterns from in utero through the birth process to standing & walking vertically, the moment we become aligned between Heaven and Earth. We will process our experiences through artwork and discussion.

  • Gain awareness & knowledge of the birth process through standing & walking from your own psych/physical perspective
  • Gain self awareness in movement, personal birth process, applications for professional use of this kind of movement
  • Gain experiential knowledge of developmental movement patterns
  • Correlate yoga poses & developmental movement patterns
  • Gain freedom and joy in your movement abilities
  • Find organic alignment in your body

Who would benefit from this class?
dancers, yoga teachers, dance/movement therapists, Polarity therapists, infant and toddler educators and professionals, doulas, parents, birth psychologists

Ellynne weaves her training in Dynamic Anatomy and developmental movement, Polarity therapy, yoga, dance/movement therapy, and birth psychology into this series of classes. Ellynne is the founder of gogo babies™ developmental movement & yoga programs.

“I took Moving from the Inside Out class twice, and was amazed at how deeply it helped to transform not only my own birth trauma, but I then succeeded in experiencing a vibrant and healthy pregnancy at the age of 40, after multiple miscarriages. Ellynnes’s class is truly transformational. I recommended it to anyone interested in nurturing themselves, and those who work with babies.” – Brigid, concert cellist, mother, Polarity therapist

“I loved working with Ellynne! I laughed and played around with others in the class with a wondrous sense of abandonment and adventure. I truly did become a child! I was bold and vivacious…cheeky and a bit bratty too! Reliving these feelings through action and movement was amazing! It helped me understand myself in a new way and re-visit my joy and love for life! I have never forgotten that, as part of the experience stayed with me years after the class.

Understanding ourselves through the elements is another way of exploring who we are and the world around us. It helps us see others more easily in terms of “their element”. And, where there might be conflict, we can began to understand that as elemental imbalances, rather than become judgmental. Ellynne helps us explore this in her workshops too. She is a great teacher who brings wisdom as well as a sense of play into each class.” – Fiona McKinney, RPP, CPE, RM