“Go Go Babies was my first and favorite class as a new mom.  Not only did my son and I meet most of our mom/baby friends here, but the class itself was a calm and nurturing oasis amid the ups and downs that come with navigating life with an infant.  Like a lot of new moms, I worried so much about my son’s development, in particular his being a bit pokey in the gross motor department, but Ellynne was always so kind and reassuring, and the gentle activities we did in class were easy to incorporate into our routine at home.  When my youngest son was born, I was so excited to join the class again–it’s a treat to see Ellynne and the baby gang every week!” Susie, 2013

“My son and I love the GoGo Babies class. It is our best time of the week. Ellynne does a brilliant job, as she takes care to see if all the participants are feeling healthy and well. She combines yoga elements with baby development exercises so that my son and I are relaxed and good after the class. It often happened that my son slept up to 3 hours after class! Ellynne explains a lot of developmental steps during the exercises, never just rushing through it. She feels what the group needs and adjusts the classes to it. Furthermore she is always willing to advise on ‘off topic’ issues, so that I feel that we really became friends over the time. I can only recommend to start this class with your baby as early as possible so that you can use the exercises at home.”
Barbara, mother of two (from Germany)

“I took Ellynne’s class at Families First with about 8 other mothers- most of them had pre-crawlers like mine. Ellynne creates a supportive community in the class by asking each mother/baby couple for updates. Ellynne does deliberate slow movements combined with activities that are informed by her background in child motor development and yoga. She plays unique instruments, blows bubbles and finds intriguing toys. As she introduces each segment, she tells you why she has introduced it and how to encourage your babies during the segment. It was great to watch the babies stop rolling balls with glee, track and trap scarves and clap at a loopy sounding slide instrument. All in all, it was a warm, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable class.”

“My Baby Yoga class with Ellynne was a wonderful experience. As a brand new mom the class helped me to learn how to bond with my baby through simple touch, gentle movements, eye contact and baby chants. Each week I was looking forward to get out of the house to a non-stressful environment where I could share my experiences with other mothers. The value of this should not be underestimated. After each class I was feeling refreshed, empowered and spiritually connected with my baby. Ellynne is an amazing teacher, full of wisdom as well as practical advice. She taught me how to listen and understand my son, guide him through his early steps and growth and most importantly how to be patient with myself and enjoy the process and the motherhood. “

June 10, 2011
I started going to Go Go Babies class when my son was about 2 months old. Ellynne is a treasure. She helped me connect more deeply to my son, meet other Moms and find a way to take a deep breath myself. I’m still in touch with two of the Moms I met there now that my son is 9 months. I strongly suggest you take this class!

June 6, 2011
My daughter, Eva, started GoGo Babies when she was five weeks old. Two and a half years later some of her very best friends–and mine too!–are from our class. Ellynne is a deeply gifted teacher, bringing an energy to the room that is simultaneously relaxed and electric. GoGo Babies was exactly the class I needed to take me out of my postpartum fog and the class Eva needed to more firmly deliver her into the slippery world. Even now, we hunt Ellynne down! Since outgrowing GoGo Babies, Eva’s followed Ellyne to a toddler yoga class in the neighborhood.

I can’t recommend Ellynne enough. In fact, when I think about having another baby I think about how MUCH fun we’d have at GoGo Babies

June 3, 2011
I took my daughter Helen to Ellynne’s “GoGo 1? class a few times, and loved it so much that I rearranged my entire work schedule (as well as our babysitter’s schedule) so that I could continue taking Helen to this class consistently. Ellynne’s class became the highlight of both mine and Helen’s week! Ellynne is an exceptional person who has an extraordinary gift for connecting with babies and toddlers, and she also has a soothing effect on parents. The class activities are creative and inspired and always seem to be just what the little ones need and respond to, both physically and emotionally. A few times during this class, Helen, who does not immediately trust “strangers,” crawled away from me to sit on Ellynne’s lap, which I had never seen her do before with anyone. The class was also a nice opportunity to connect with other parents, and Helen and I still see one of the other mothers and her son we met there. It’s now been a year since our class with Ellynne ended, and I still think about it with great fondness. Thank you, Ellynne, for this wonderful experience! You have a special place in my heart.
May 24, 2011
Go Go Babies is our favorite class!!! My daughter, Gabriela, progressed a lot during every and each meeting and we both felt supported and happy in this class. It was a great learning experience for me- as a foreign mother, not familiar at all with the american songs for kids, I could learn some of the “american hits”and also nice and fun activities and exercises to do with my daughter at home. Besides that, we made friends that we keep seeing until now.
I highly recommend this class and I must say that Ellynne is awesome!

May 24, 2011
The first time I went to Go GO Babies my son was about 6 weeks or so (REALLY young) and I was a nervous wreck. I loved going to the class with my son because I felt supported and respected as a mother. Ellyne fostered authentic communication among us and pointed out my son’s developmental progress and how I could support him on his own pace. I still remember the first time he rolled over (it was in her class) and we were all so excited. In subsequent classes my son, as he developed his own personality, was really happy to be there. He is almost 2 and still loves the parachute… I recommend Ellyne and Go go Babies without hesitation.

May 24, 2011
Ellynne is one of these teachers that sets the bar super, super high for all other teachers. The personal attention she pays to each baby and mommy is truly remarkable. I took a class with Ellyne when my son was 8 weeks old and I was a nervous wreck just leaving the house with him. Ellynne made me feel right at home immediately, she created an environment for all of us in the class where we felt comfortable and loved and made playing with my baby become one of the most joyous things I could ever do. I wish every new mommy could experience a class with her.

May 24, 2011
I highly recommend Go Go Babies. Ellynne was a great supportive teacher for both myself and my twins. She was always energetic, enthusiastic, and in tune with what the kids were vibing on that particular day.

May 24, 2011
GoGoBabies was one of our favorite baby classes. My son participated from 4.5 to 17 months, and Ellynne kept it interesting and relevant all the way from tummy time through walking.

May 24, 2011
What a wonderful class! My wife signed up when my son was just 3 months and we kept going til he was about a year old. It was a great way to meet new parents and Ellynne is such a wonderful caring teacher for both the children and the adults.

May 21, 2011
I can attest that Go Go Babies is a fabulous class for both adults and babies. I met a group of lovely moms that I still talk to almost 2 years later. The class was a great way to interact with your very small baby while having lots of fun with other moms. Some of the class highlights were working with the Nubby Balls (featured in the first photo), and the infant massage class. If you are a first time mom and you need a reason to change out of your pajamas for the first time in 3 days, sign up for this class! You will like it enough to get out of the house for it every time.
The Infant Massage Workshop changed my life!

Initially I signed the three of us up for the Dad-included bonding time.  I was resolved that my infant’s reflux symptoms could not be helped, so I didn’t have big expectations for the massage techniques, but boy was I wrong.

At 8 weeks my child was diagnosed with the worst GERD her Doctor had ever seen.  She stopped gaining weight for 3 weeks and the solution was 5 doses of antacid medication daily and rice cereal in her breastmilk in order for her to eat and sleep.  Even with the medication her discomfort inevitably resulted in screaming and arching of the back and limbs in the evening hours. By 4 months she was still crying inconsolably for up to 3 hours every night before bed.  My instinct was to hold her close and attempt to comfort her during these times with rocking, shushing, singing, dancing, – anything!

The night after the massage workshop, I put her down in front of me, continued to shush, and added sweeping and massaging motions to her limbs that were now like twisted tree roots of tension.  She stopped mid cry and with a tomatoe-red face, paused and smiled!  I was in such shock! Now the massage techniques are part of her nightly bedtime routine as a mini massage session at the changing table and again as soothing if she starts to cry.  Instead of 3 hours of crying before bed, we are down to 5-10 minutes.  Now that my own body isn’t in a knot of tension from the stress of listening to her cry in pain, I realize just how much stress it was causing me.  She and I are 100 times happier and healthier.

Whether your child suffers from reflux or not, you will be thrilled at the instant bonding provided by these massage techniques.

– Jessica from Brooklyn, NY