Developmental Movemental Timeline

NEWBORN:  tries to lift head…mouth is the most active sensory organ…cervical spine curve developing. Belly breating..starfish pose

TWO MONTHS:  tracks object 45-90 degrees in the middle of view….driste developing

THREE MONTHS: props up on elbows lying on tummy.. small cobra/ sphinx poses…more cervical and thoracic spinal curve developing..visual power fully matured

FOUR MONTHS:  reaching supported on tummy..”swimming” movemetnts…locust pose like… begins trunk rotation …sidebending… all spinal curves developing…hears almost as well as an adult

FIVE MONTHS:  extends arms full length on tummy…full cobra….purposeful rolling.  Begins crossing the midline… Side bow pose (?).vocal play with movement.

SIX MONTHS:  rolling front to back and back to front…reaches forward in sitting position ( tarasana/goddess pose)..sits independently (easy pose) pushes back lying on tummy….plays with feet lying on back (happy baby)…pulls to sit up…chest expands in breathing (3 part breathing)

EIGHT MONTHS:  teething begins…rocks back and forth ( child’s pose & all fours) raises up to arms and knees…responds to own name (sense of self)

TWELVE MONTHS: Crawls on hands and knees, pulls up to stand (down dog, frog pose, mountain pose (heaven and earth connect))  first words..”ma” and “da”

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