GoGo Babies is now under the umbrella of Bright Start Babies.  Please see our new website at http://www.brightstartbabies.net for full offerings. 

GOGO BABIES® Developmental Movemet, Baby Yoga, & Tummy Time classes

for babies 6 weeks – 18 months

Martha Graham modern dance pioneer

GoGo Babies® was created to support and nurture the healthy growth of all babies as well as to offer support to the adults who care for them. GoGo Babies® focuses on the whole person through the body/mind connections that occur through physical action.

GoGo Babies® offers a  classes for  babies and children ages 6 weeks to 18 months old, as well as individual consultations and appointments. The baby Developmental Movement & Tummy Time class incorporates movement, yoga, singing, music, play, and holistic healing techniques.  For a description of current classes see the Classes, Schedules, and Workshops pages.

Additionally we offer a three – four day training in this work for professionals in New York City, Prague, Cz, and soon in Buckinham, VA.  Trainings may be booked for your studio or workplace by contacting Ellynne Skove through the Contacts page.

We also do private appointments for Bonding Therapy and Birth Trauma Resolution. Call us or email us so we can set up a consultation.

Active touch can greatly enhance development….particularly in language & social development. Touch is one of the primary sources of pleasure. Being lovingly held and touched is a great spur to development. The muscles relax, the breath deepens, tension is dispersed, and the baby’s heart rate synchronizes with the caregiver developing heart coherency, a vital element in health and wellbeing.

“During the 1st year after birth, babies thrive on stimulation that is similar to what they experienced in the womb.” Solter

Breathing is one of the most intimate and direct connections to our brains and the outer world.